Are you

eco-gifts with purpose.

finally, green gone elegant.

Every time you glance at our motivational and inspirational sayings you will feel good, but just as important, you will look good.

let's get back to basics.

These absolutely perfect letterpress note cards will be something you just have to share.

the colors might be subtle, but the message is anything but.

With every wear, you are reminded of what is really important in life and how these little changes can make such a difference in the world.

holy handmade!

Every candle is hand poured with organic soy wax, hand packaged and hand wrapped.  Enjoy!

Making people think about ways to better themselves and bring positive changes to their daily lives is what we are all about.  With simple, natural style and inspiring and motivational messages, are you designs products so that they will lift your spirit and stimulate your character. Add our ever-important eco-friendly element and you have the perfect gift for any occasion.

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American Spa Magazine

Check out the March issue of American Spa Magazine!

Our 100% cotton paper note cards, printed in letterpress were selected for their inspirational product guide!  

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alive or living